Here Is The List Of Top 10 Countries With Richest History


US News and World Report has recently released, ‘The Best Countries 2018’. The survey included 80 different countries.


The countries were ranked according to many factors including, health services,economic conditions, facilities and other factors. While some countries offer best to their citizens, on the other hand, the condition of some countries was simply worst. You’ll be shocked to know which country was ranked at the top.

Well, the top ranked country is none other than Switzerland. Switzerland is not just beautiful but offers a lot to it’s citizens and the tourists.


Talking about our country, India was ranked at 25th in the list. Here’s the complete list and Pakistan is far behind India, it’s in the lowest ten, check it’s position:

Here,are the top-10:

Here, are the lowest-10 :


You can check the complete list by clicking here, complete list

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