Since a few days, a story of a farmer named Sanjay Sathe has been making rounds on the internet. Well, if you aren’t aware then we should tell you that this farmer had sent his entire season’s earnings to our Prime Minister Modi with a lot of hopes.

Sanjay Sathe is a prime example of the real condition of farmers in our country right now, who work tirelessly day and night and in every season in their fields to make a living, however, what they get in return is only disappointment.


After an entire season of hard-work and labour, Sanjay Sathe was only able to sell all his produce of the season for a little over Re.1 per kg of onion only. Yes, he got only Rs.1064 after he sold 750 Kgs of onions in this season.


He sent all the hard-earned money to PM Modi. He had done this for the Disaster Relief Fund, as a mockery of the system.

Sanjay was declared as one of the advanced farmers, who relied on communication and better technology for his crops and produce. He had hoped that sending money to PM Modi would have a positive impact and had faith in Modi government, that it would provide some relief and improve the conditions of the farmers in our country, but what PM Modi did after receiving the money puts the whole system to shame.

PM Modi not just failed Sanjay Sathe but also the hopes and faith of many farmers by doing what he did. Instead of sending help or improving the condition, PM Modi’s office wrote back to Sanjay Sathe returning his payment, saying that he would have to transfer the amount online.

Yes, you read that right. This is what our PM Modi did to the farmer, who had all his hopes on him. What else we can expect from Modi government.

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