This time, all the matches of Nidahas Trophy were super entertaining, yet the most entertaining one was the virtual semi-finale one, which happened between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


The match was surrounded by a lot of controversies, but the naagin dance the Bangladeshi team did after winning the trophy took all the highlight but didn’t go well with the fans of the game.

Their naagin dance was highly criticized on social media, especially Twitter. People said that Bangladeshi players are lacking basic manners.

Seems like, not just us but our Indian cricketers as well, are still not able to get over the nagin dance.

Recently, our very own Bhajji,trolled the Bangladeshi players on his Instagram account by posting a very funny video. For the Bangladeshi players who seems to be in love with Naagin dance, he posted a bichhu dance, yes have a look:

The video is way too hilarious.

Even Yuvraj Singh couldn’t control himself and ended up commenting and trolling Mohammad Kaif on this video. Have a look at the conversation that happened in comments section:

Yuvraj Singh said that the moves in the video reminded him of Mohammad Kaif, to which our Bhajji agreed.


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