Great News For Engineering Students. AICTE Has Revamped The Syllabus And Internship Structure


In a very welcoming move, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to change the syllabus of Engineering so that it can meet the industrial requirements. India’s education system is always under criticism for nor providing ‘practical’ knowledge but this decision will surely change our views, for good.


Times of India (TOI) has reported that the number of credits required for theory will now be reduced to 160 from 220, in the new curriculum. And, ‘Industrial Internship’ has been made mandatory and 14 out of 160 credits will be for the summer internship.

According to a senior official, the new curriculum focuses more on the practical aspects by engaging students with laboratory assignments rather than on theory.

Now, this is what we call a good decision.

Union Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar launched the revised curriculum today.


Mr. Javedkar appreciated the good work done by AICTE and said that the curriculum should be updated every year in order to stay up to date with the industry requirements.

Talking about their continuous efforts to improve the education system, he said-

“Quality education is the only way to progress and we have taken various initiatives to give impetus to its growth,” Mr. Javdekar said. 

“The existing syllabus has been revamped by preparing a model curriculum as an updated curriculum is a student’s right,” he added. 

Talking about the mandatory social and industrial internship he said that the inclusion will help engineering graduates connect with the need of the industry and society at large.

He also said the government is committed to provide the best teachers, infrastructure and scholarships to all the students.