This Girl Underwent 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie. But She Didn’t Expect This Result


Sahar Tabar from Tehran, Iran, underwent 50 surgeries: Angelina Jolie is considered as one of the most beautiful women of the world. She has acted in many Hollywood movies and won our hearts with her good looks. She has fans all over the world. One such fangirl wanted to look similar to her.


Sahar Tabar from Tehran, Iran wanted to look just like her. She didn’t hesitate to go under the knife for it. She was a beautiful young women but it seems she wasn’t satisfied with the way she looked. She went through fifty surgeries to make her face appear similar to the Hollywood superstar.


She took to Instagram and has become viral thanks to her uploaded pictures on the platform. She has more than three lack followers now. Her strange transformation has made sure that she turns heads wherever she goes.

Not only surgeries, she also had to maintain a strict diet for several months to lose weight. She now weighs just 50 kilograms to make her look like the star. There is misinformation about the girl as no one is exactly sure about her age. Some have claimed that she is just 19 years old but there have been others who say she is older. They say she is either 22 or 29.

It is evident that Sahar is a very big Angelina Jolie fan. But her obsession to look like her has backfired. She actually looks very scary. She lost her natural beauty to look so fake.

And here’s how she looks like now. Sahar has been posting pictures of her transformation on Instagram. Currently at over 3,25,000, Sahar’s followers are increasing with each passing minute.