These days, Twitter has become an interesting platform for entertainments, daily we see someone either getting trolled or trolling someone. Along with that, we see so many interesting banters that happen between the celebrities and mostly Indian celebs.


Today as well, we got to see another Twitter banter between Herschelle Gibbs and our very own. Ravichandra Ashwin.

It all started when Ravichandran Ashwin posted a tweet promoting a shoe brand. In that tweet, Ashwin highlighted the comfortableness of the shoes, that how they are the best running shoes. Here’s what he tweeted:


The Tweet read:
“Hey Guys! Just got my hands on the new NIKE React. It’s got a stunning design and the foam technology used makes it light and comfortable to use. Undoubtedly, the best running shoes I’ve stepped into, can’t wait to flaunt them.”

We all are aware of the fact that Ravichandra Ashwin is not that fast on-field and how he is always criticized for lethargy. Taking the advantage of the ‘moment’, Herschelle Gibbs took to Twitter to take a jibe at Ashwin. He tweeted:

The tweet read:
“Hopefully you will be able to run a bit faster now ashwin ????”

Ravichandra Ashwin gave a brilliant reply to Herschelle Gibbs by reminding him the match fixing scandal Gibbs was involved in. He was suspended and fined by South African Cricket Board. Here’s what he tweeted:

His tweet read:
Surely not as fast you did mate, unfortunately I wasn’t as blessed as you were. But I was blessed with a wonderfully ethical mind not to fix games which put food on my plate.”

After this befitting reply, Gibbs clarified himself. He tweeted:

The tweet read:
“Can’t take a joke i see 😉 anyway moving swiftly on..”

To which Aswin replied:

The tweet read:
“I totally believed my reply was a joke too, but look how people and yourself perceived it. I am totally game for this sort of fun mate, we shall dine over this sometime.”

Although, Ravichandra Ashwin deleted his match-fixing tweet as it could have brought a lot of debate and criticism along with it but after giving a perfect reply to Gibbs.

Well played Ashwin, well played.

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