Forget The Old Video, Priya’s New “Aankh Marna” Can Kill Every “Sakht Launda”


Priya Prakash Varrier, the girl who took internet by storm today. She might have appeared for like a zillion times today on your screen. This girl has made every guy fell in love with her. She has finally replaced Disha Patani from the throne of “National Crush”.


Today, a video went viral and was making rounds on the internet. As valentine day is just a few days away, this time of releasing a romantic song was apt. The video brought back a million memories of the 90s era. People loved the sizzling chemistry between the young guy and this girl, Priya in the video. But it were the expressions of Priya that took the limelight away.


The internet saw a flood of memes and posts about her today, her images were all over the internet. She became an internet sensation in just one day and not to forget, by one song.

This girl became so hit, that her follower count on Instagram went from 1.5k to 187K in just one day. Yes! amazing isn’t it? And overwhelmed by all the love, she posted another video to thank her fans:

And her fans went crazy once again. Here, are some of the reactions from her fans:

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