Here’s Why Farah Khan Called Kapil Sharma ‘Mannerless’


We all know how friendly and bubbly choreographer and director Farah Khan is. There has hardly been any instance where she had burst out against anyone in any social networking sites and media.

But recently, an exception happened. We could see Farah twitting against certain things which she considers to be not appropriate and very humiliating.


There had been something that made Farah Khan very angry and she just vented out her anger in Twitter. While being invited for attending a show, she prefers to be called personally over the phone and not to be invited simply through WhatsApp.



Such Type of invites has been referred to by her as “janta invite”. According to her, this is not the proper type of invite for attending a premier, show, party or function. She deserves the respect as a guest.

She further speaks that people are not doing any kind of favour on her by inviting her and people should at least have the decency to call her and invite. She says such things should always be done in personal call.

This mistake was also done by Kapil Sharma, the great comedian while inviting Farah in his reality shows. Farah made it very clear that her tweet also included Kapil Sharma. Farah said that she shares a good friendly rapport with Kapil Sharma and has attended many of his shows.

Such type of behaviour was not expected from Kapil. It is very clear that Farah was deeply hurt by this behaviour. Till now, Kapil had not answered back to this tweet and we are eagerly waiting for his response and apology.

On the other side, Kapil too, is going through a bad phase as his movie “Firangi” did not go well in the box office. Starred along with Ishita Dutta and Manica Gill, this movie’s plot is set in the 1920s when India was in the colonial clutches and it has a rural backdrop.

The critics did not give a good review about the movie. It might be because of this that Kapil did not get time to respond. Farah, too, shall consider this mistake of Kapil and come forward fopr emotional support at this time of peoblems.

Let us hope that the two celebrities reconcile very soon and everything gets well between them and they keep on sharing the cordial relations like theyr used to share before.