Elon Musk, the man behind companies like Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink is an inspiration for millions of people out there. Apart from being the brilliant at what he does, he is also one of the coolest man on earth and if you don’t believe in us, you will after reading this article about him.


Well if you are on twitter and follow Elon Musk then you must be aware that he feeds on humor everyday. From memes to jokes to sarcastic tweets, his followers love his cool and bindaas attitude.

Now as we all are aware that Elon is a huge fan of the planet mars. Recently a twitter conversation between Elon and a parody account of Mars has gone viral and is leaving people in splits.


Well, it all started when a twitter user took to her twitter and posted that she would like to move to mars and she doesn’t want any men there.

Here, have a look at her tweet :

Well her tweet caught the attention of parody account of Mars,who trolled her by saying that it doesn’t want her there, it only wants Elon Musk.

Here, have a look at the reply :

Elon Musk was quick to notice the tweet and he came up with a very flirtatious reply. In his reply he wrote ” I want you too baby”

Here, have a look at the reply :

After this, a weird and very flirtatious conversation happened between the two which has left everyone in splits. It’s so funny that you just can’t miss.

Here, have a look at the conversation :





However, a particular reply from Elon Musk was so unexpected and went out of the proportion, that he deleted later on. However, the screenshot f that tweet is still doing the rounds.

Twitterati were in love with the conversation, here, have a look at how they reacted :

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