Donald Trump Reportedly Slept With This Escort And The Amount He Gave To Her Is Way Too Much

Donald Trump may not be as powerful a leader as others who enjoy a better rating but Trump never fails to make it to the news. Once again Trump is in news and this time it’s neither about bashing Pakistan or taking an anti refugee stand but a crisp controversy rather.
Apparently Donal Trump, the US President’s personal lawyer negotiated with a porn star for not revealing publicly her alleged sex with Donald Trump. As per reports a sum of USD 130, 000 was paid to the porn star to seal her lips about this sex encounter.

Where Did The Two Meet?


This porn star’s name is Stephanie Clifford who is known as Stormy Daniels in her movies. The two met at a gold event in the year 2006, an year after Donald Trump got married. Donald Trump is married to Melania. This report formed the headlines in the Friday edition of The Wall Street Journal.
According to this report in The Wall Street Journal, Clifford started taking to ABC news towards the end of 2017 about the alleged sexual relationship with Donald Trump. An online magazine, Slate has also been in discussions with Stephanie Clifford.
The lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen arranged the payment deal with Clifford’s layer, Keith Davidson as claimed by the Journal.
White House Denies Reports
The same afternoon after the report was published in The Wall Street Journal, the White House Denied the report calling it old and recycled.