Director Reveals The Reason Behind Naming The Film ‘Zero’


This new year got even better with the news of the upcoming film starring no one other than SRK. Yes! The name is ‘Zero’. The name has been announced by the director of the film Anand L Rai on New Year’s day.

It is going to be a big surprise for all bollywood and SRK fans as the new avatar portrays King Khan as a dwarf. The teaser of the film has been released too and it shows SRK as a small man in undergarments dancing in high spirits.


The scene starts with many superlatives related to King Khan’s name, like ‘Shayar’, ‘Aashiq’, ‘Makaar’ and ‘Paagal’. Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif are also starring in the film opposite SRK.


In a press meet with PTI, Anand L Rai explained why he named the film as ‘Zero’. He said and I quote “I wanted to celebrate Zero; I wanted to celebrate the incompleteness in people.

There is nothing great in being a complete person. There is a beauty to incompleteness. We all are humans and Zero comes from there”.

The movie is set to be released this year after December 21. The movie is yet to be completed in the making and the teaser has been released 1 year prior to its expected release date.

Anand said due to a huge tension among millions of SRK fans he decided to tease with a blast. He said “Though we are one year away from the release, the film is already getting so much love.

So, Khan Sahab and I decided to give something to fans. It’s purely out of love and affection that we are getting from the fans.”