Remember the time when a young handsome man with long hairs took our hearts away with his looks and his sixes. It was the time when Dhoni made his debut in the International cricket and people used to go crazy over his hairstyle apart from his playing style.


Following the footsteps of Dhoni, many boys started growing hair to look like Dhoni but hardly anyone can match the swag and style of our Captain Cool. Dhoni’s hairstyle was so famous back in those days that even the President of Pakistan couldn’t stop himself from praising Dhoni’s hairstyle and have also asked him to maintain it forever.


However, Dhoni changed his hairstyle but we have a good news for you all the fans of Dhoni, you all will be able to see Dhoni in his trademark hairstyle again.

Yes, Dhoni will be seen with long hair again on your television screens. Dhoni has recently shot an ad film with Snickers India, and he will be seen looking very dashing in long hair.

This ad will make you nostalgic and will make you remember the days when we used to see Dhoni’s hair flying in the air as he scored hits one after the other.

But this isn’t enough, in this advertisement, Dhoni had experimented a thing. He will be seen loosing his cool which is very rare. We are very excited as we have never seen him loosing his cool, he has always managed to be in his cool and calm nature and maybe that’s what we love about him the most.

Well, Virendra Sehwag loves calling Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Amendra Bahubali, in the video Dhoni can be seen portraying the role of Baahubali but with a twist and his own style.

Not just this, we have the exclusive video of the advertisement just for you. Have a look and don’t forget to thank us later:


This video is a treat for his fan. We just can’t get over this ad.

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