As the Holi is just 2 days away, people like always have already went crazy. So many perverts take advantage of Holi to harass young girls. From throwing water balloons at unknown girls to rubbing colors in an inappropriate way, some perverts leave no stone unturned to harass girls.


One such incident has happened in the women’s college of South Delhi where guys threw balloons at them, the balloons contained something other than water, something that will make you feel disgusted.

Judging by the stickiness and smell of the substance carried inside the balloons, they suspected that the balloons were filled with semen.

Yes, you read that right. On Monday, a student of Lady Shri Ram College took to social media and described this horrible experience happened to her, when she was hit by “liquid-filled balloon” on her way back from lunch.

The girl started for her college at 5pm, while she was on her way in the auto-rickshaw she got hit by the “balloons on her hip” and the content started soaking into her clothes.

She wrote “It dried white on my black leggings, and the foreign smell clearly indicated that it wasn’t water,” but the girl was still not aware of the content until her friend in college told her about that “semen-flinging…was currently the Holi fad in the back market area”.

The next day, the college held an open meeting with about 40 students during lunch break with the women’s development cell. One of the teacher who was present at the meeting was stunned after learning about the experience the girl experienced. The teacher revealed that three students related similar incidents, all from the past few days, in which the balloons contained semen in them.

However no complaint has been filed till now against these guys who are throwing semen filled balloons. All the girls who have experienced the same incident, took place at the spots which were near to their college-the lane running behind it, the residential areas of Zamrudpur, market areas like Amar Colony and the National Park right outside its back gate.

Although, the students union and the college authorities have contacted the Police, thr women’s department cell said “Patrolling around the college has been increased,” they added “A mobile number given by the Police has been widely circulated amongst students. They are being urged to lodge their complaints.” 

NOTICE REGARDING SECURITY AROUND COLLEGE PREMISESHello everyone, As incidents of throwing semen filled balloons at…

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From March 8, a self-defence training will be conducted by the Police on campus. Suman Sharma, the principal, also revealed that the bushed around the college, that were frequently used by men as a public toilet, were trimmed fortnight. The college also interacted with Esha Pandey, the deputy commissioner of police, special police for women and children.

Although these incidents are not new in India especially in New Delhi. Harassment starts a weak before Holi, as if Holi gives men the freedom to harass young girls in the name of Holi.

Many students are being pelted down by water balloons. A young girl from second year of the same college also revealed that she had 2 water balloons thrown at her. She added “Another friend had three balloons pelted at yesterday,” she also said “Two of those were by people on motorcycles.”

A member of women’s department cell and a third year student of Political Science, Shreyasi, said “My sister graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in 2012 and she had told me about this,” she added “This is just the first time somebody has posted about this [on social media].”

"Bura na mano Holi hai!"With Holi(read hooliganism) around the corner, sexual harassment and abuse is at it's peak and…

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Talking about the interactive sessions with the Police, Shreyasi said “I have not heard of any government body talking about going to the boys and telling them what to do.”

However, the president of Student’s union issued a statement:“The matter was taken to the [Deputy Commissioner of Police, the Additional Commissioner of Police] and the Police Commissioner. Police picketing and patrolling has been ensured at and around the two gates of LSR, and the nearby areas of Amar Colony, etc.”

This is just so disgusting and sickening what women have to go through in the name of festival, these days. These are heights of shamelessness.

Girls we can only say that “Buraa Mano Holi Hai” raise your voice against any harassment that had happened with you or happens with you in future. Don’t stay silent.

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