Day 1 Collections Of Padmaavat Are Out. We Can Already See The Karni Sena Effect


After trespassing a lot of controversies, violent protests, Karni Sena’s melodrama and the CBFC’s scissors the grand affair from Sanjay Leela Bhansali finally took to the silver screen on January 25. The film saw a limited release under the clouds of apprehensions of violence and disruption.


The apprehensions and the skeptical audience have impacted the numbers game of Padmavati at the box office already or should we say its the courtesy of the Karni Sena.

The Rajput community and the Karni Sena have held prejudices against the movie and has been protesting relentlessly against the filmmakers and in fact, did not even shy away from announcing bounties for beheading the actors of the film.



A special paid preview series of the movie started from 6 PM onwards on Wednesday, a day before the release. As per a renowned trade analyst, Tarun Adarsh the paid previews of the film saw it garnering 5 crores.

Here you got to say that despite the ruckus around the release, the movie has done well on paid previews. The filmmakers have left no stone unturned in making a grand affair out of this account from the history.

Rs 180 crores have gone into the film and the filmmakers have spent another 20 crores on the IMAX and 3D conversions. Did the first day collections bring good signs for the filmmakers?

Collections On Day 1: The Numbers

The movie has earned 18 crores on the first day which is actually a good thing. It was a working day but still it has managed to earn 18 crores.