On 6th March, 2018, 10,000 farmers from Nashik started their silent march to Mumbai. As the march moved further, the number started increasing rapidly to 30,000 farmers and till the time the reached Mumbai after walking 180KM under the blazing sun, the number went upto 50,000. This march was called the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha.

The reason of this march was to request the BJP to transfer the land to farmers as promised under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) of 2006, and to set better prices for their crops, and granting of loan waivers. Although, all the rules regarding this were already framed in the year 2008 but still it remained unsolved.


However, scrolling down the Internet we found some pictures from the march, these pictures are so heartbreaking that it will leave you shattered. Have a look:

  1. We get food because of them, and what do we do for them?

2. They are not just hard-working but genius as well:

3. The image speaks a million words:

4. The power of Kisan:

5. When the people who feed us food are on the streets.

6. United they stand:

7. The cracks are not just in there feet but also in our system as well.

8. Their struggle is real:

9. Her eyes reveals the pain:

10. When the open sky becomes your roof:

11. When people are providing food to the people who ‘officially provide us the food’.

12. They will not return back:

13. Is this the future?

14. They have the utmost power:

These images are very heart-breaking, hats-off to our farmers for struggling each and every day to provide us with food.

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