Every now and then the Internet throws up a challenge for us, testing out visual and cognitive skills. Over the past year or so, we’ve had to spot hidden things and well, here we have yet another similar puzzle that is driving Netizens crazy. This time, it’s snakes!

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a snake-catching company based out of  — you guessed it — Australia, posted a photo to its Facebook page on Monday urging its followers to find the snake hiding in plain sight. Bonus points if you can guess the species too.


“SPOT THE SNAKE! Alright guys it’s time for another spot the snake, top points for the species too! I’ll post the answer tomorrow!!” – the caption read.



Soon after the photo showed up, it started garnering a series of reactions, with over a hundred shares and more than 400 comments. Interestingly, we’re not sure how much time people spent poring over it, but many people actually managed to get the answer right and some even guessed the species quite closely.

What seems to be a garden of someone’s house, that too flooded with nooks and cranies, spotting this smily creature is not at all a cakewalk. But taking creativity to a whole new level, some even used their photoshop skills and placed a happy snake bang in the middle of the picture. Bravo!

After much hue and cry over the stuff went fiercely viral, the page followed up on Tuesday, revealing the location of the snake, which happens to be a Costal Carpet Python.

If you’ve seriously given it an honest try and are still having trouble, check out the upper right hand corner of the picture. The snake is hanging off the fence onto the brush behind it.

Thanks, Australia!