Can You Spot Differences In These 9 Image Puzzles? It’s Not That Easy.


We love playing ‘solving puzzles’ and ‘finding differences’ games online. Earlier, we used to wait for pictures in the newspapers to find differences but these days, every thing is so easily available on the internet.

In this post, we have listed 6 ‘spot the difference’ pictures which might take some time to solve. Some of them are very easy, but it won’t be that easy to spot all the differences you can. The best thing about spotting differences is that sometimes it is right in front of our eyes and we still can’t find it.


The best way to solve such mysteries to have an empty and relaxed mind. So, here you go.

Let’s start with this one.


This is super easy. 

Spot 3 differences. 

This might take some time. 

Spot 2 differences. 

Finding 2 differences in this one will not be that easy. 

This is also tough. 

This one is again very hard. 

And we will leave you with this fairly easy one.