Recently, the Statue Of Unity has become one of the most talked about thing, not just in India but around the globe. At 597 feet or 182 meters, the Statue of Unity became the tallest statue in the world.


A lot has been said already within the country about the Statue. PM Modi, his government, and the statue all were on the receiving end of criticism from around the country. While many people were supporting the tribute and are looking at the Statue as an achievement, many others are criticizing and believes that the money could have been used in a better way.

Now, Peter Bone, the British MP, has dismissed the Statue Of Unity and called it a “total nonsense”. Talking about the statue, Peter Bone further remarked :

“It is up to them (India) how they spend their money but if they can afford this statue, then it is clearly a country we should not need to be giving aid to.”

Well, as it turns out, over the period of last 5 years, Britain has donated over 9492 crores INR or 1.17 billion pounds to India in the form of foreign aid. Initially these funds were meant to be used for the issues and problems India was facing or need to concentrate on including women’s rights issues, social causes, renewable energy projects and so on.

Peter Bone believed that it’s “total madness” to spend almost INR 3000 crores, when the funds could have been used for something more meaningful and in a better way for the citizens of India.

What is your take on this? Do you think Peter Bone is right?

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