India was shrouded in unbearable pain as we witnessed the worst and most terrifying attacks in recent history. Yesterday, when everyone was busy in celebrating the day of love, the world witnessed one of the most cowardly act of terrorism which turned 14th February into a black day.


The nation lost jawans who were there protecting us when we were celebrating the day of love. We lost 44 CRPF soldiers in the cowardly terrorist attack done by terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, as they bombed a 78 vehicle convoy in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.

An SUV which was carrying more than 350kgs of explosives rammed into a CRPF convoy taking lives of 44 Indian soldiers. Immediately after the incident, Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility and a video surfaced online where the terrorist named, Adil Ahmad Dar, who was behind this heinous crime can be seen saying that he had waited for this moment all year.

The incident has left the people of whole country in anger. People have flooded the social media with tweets and posts filled with anger and pain. From Bollywood celebrities to twitterati everyone condemned this severe act of terrorism by stating it as shameful, shocking and reprehensible.

Here, have a look at the tweets of our Bollywood celebrities :

Our heart goes out to the families of our 44 martyrs, who lost their lives in this dastardly attack. Our prayers and condolences are with the families who lost their loved ones in this attack.

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