There’s no deny to the fact that social media has become a major part of our lives – be it for entertainment purposes or for showcasing the talent on platforms. However, our police departments are using social media to a whole new level by spreading awareness about various important things and also by giving out important messages to the people on social media.

Well, if you are active on twitter, there is no chance that you have missed out on checking the incredible tweets of Mumbai Police. The official twitter handle of Mumbai Police, has been giving some really important messages to people in a very effective way, the twitter handle is filled with creativity and people just love them for this. Their tweets never fails to go viral on social media.


Recently, another tweet of Mumbai Police is going viral on twitter where the official twitter handle of Mumbai Police has shared a picture of a biker whose number plate is in the shape of batman symbol and he is waiting at the Juhu circle, Mumbai, for the lights to go green.


Zebra Crossings are made to help pedestrians cross the roads, when lights are red, however, many times people on vehicles break the traffic rules and stop their vehicles after passing the zebra crossing. The biker in the picture did the same ad therefore, he got trolled by the Mumbai Police.

Mumbai Police shared the picture of the man with a hilarious caption which has made the tweet go viral. Here, have a look at the tweet of Mumbai Police :

The tweet read:
“Spotted – A joker pretending to be batman at Juhu Circle #LetsGetSerious”

Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted to the tweet by Mumbai Police :

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