12 Times Bro Proved That He Is The Funniest Man On Facebook


Be Like Bro: Facebook has changed the way how people consume news, in India and across the world. It started as a social networking website where friends could connect with each other and create a community of their respective schools, colleges and universities. But, its model has developed over the years and now its owner Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world.

Be Like Bro

Today, when we talk about social media and how it has helped in faster consumption of news, we talk about mainly two websites– Facebook and Twitter. But, among these two, Facebook has been able to develop a better revenue model and provide a reliable platform for publishers as well consumers.


Almost every media house (big, medium or small) depends on Facebook for a good chunk of its traffic. Companies make their pages on Facebook and invest on them to get audience. And, in return, they share their content and links on pages and make money through traffic they derive on their websites.

Having said that, not all Facebook pages are run with a motive of earning money through websites. Over the years, we have seen some brilliant ideas inspiring people through pages. For instance, Humans of New York has touched the lives of millions of people across the world with its heart-touching stories. It is noteworthy that former American President Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg also follow this page.


Similarly, there are some pages that entertain people with wit, sarcasm and humour. And when we talk about entertaining pages, there is no page better than ‘Be Like Bro‘. It has an audience of over 10 million and the speed at which the page has acquired its audience is unbelievable.

Every day, the fictional character ‘Bro’ comes up with hilarious memes and trolls (in a very light hearted manner) people from all sects of the society. Bro is, arguably, the most loved fictional character on Facebook and the amount of love people show to him is unparalleled.

In this post we have listed 15 images that prove Bro is the ‘King of Trolls’ and we all should ‘Be Like Bro’.

1) Bro exposed the hypocrisy of cosmetic companies. 

2) This is brutal. But, Bro is bro. He can do anything. 

3) Bro can predict the future, humorously. 

4) He is also the King of dual meaning jokes. Be Like bro! 

5) LOL! So true. Bro also has some corporate experience, it seems. 

6) Where do you fall? 

7) Bro spares ono one. Not even Doraemon. 

8) The truth behind ‘before and after’ images. Bro knows it all. 

9) Only for 18+ 😛

10) For all those who keep sending requests on Facebook. 

11) So F-ing true! 

12) Maths is no easy. Period. 

We are sure that you are a fan of Bro by now, if you weren’t already. It is one of the fastest growing humour pages in India and the amount of love our dude Bro gets from people from across the world is heartwarming.

The Funniest Indian salutes Bro for all his hilarious memes and jokes because spreading laughter is the best thing we can do in today’s stressful and tensed world. Bro has been a pioneer when it comes to nuking people laugh on Facebook.

Like Be Like Bro, if you haven’t already HERE!