Arshi Khan Spoke To Salman Khan In An Insulting Way And Now Her Career Is In Danger


It has become increasingly evident that BiggBoss 11 contestant Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde can’t stand each other’s company for long enough. Arshi starts insulting and bad mouthing Shilpa almost all the time she sees Shilpa.

Aside from her not being able to stand Shilpa, Arshi also lacks common decency and respect towards the elderly.

It was evident from the way she behaved when Shilpa’s mother came to the BiggBoss’s house and Arshi ignored her making an obvious gesture of disrespect.

On the other hand, Arshi thinks Shilpa is eyeing her father in a bad way. She complains to Salman Khan that Shilpa had “Buri Nazar” on her abbu (father) and Shilpa should not have done something disgraceful like this.

Salman Khan however, shuts Arshi down on the weekend ka vaar episode for behaving disrespectfully with Shilpa’s mother.

Salman also made sure to absolutely deny Arshi’s allegations on Shilpa and told her that radically targeting Shilpa will not help her in any good way.

Arshi is seen answering back to Salman on this week’s Weekend ka Vaar episode trailer. It is well known Salman is very neutral on his position and always supports the right side. Do you think Salman will take it all back laying like a good boy?

Here watch the promotional:

Twitter on the other side has become very mad at Arshi for her behaviour. Here are some twitter reactions:

This one is very annoyed with Arshi’s drama:

Who made her the captain?

Disrespecting Salman Khan is unacceptable.

Arshi needs a strict teacher, like Salman

This one wants Arshi to go out of the show already.

An old woman was disrespected! It’s shocking.

All of it for Arshi might be a publicity stunt to gain cheap popularity. Do you think Arshi Khan will be able stick in the BiggBoss 11 house for any longer after talking back to Salman Khan and behaving disrespectfully towards a fellow contestant?

Let us know what you think about this matter.