Arshi Khan Reveals The Most Fake Contestant Of Bigg Boss 11 In Her First Interview


Arshi Khan has been undoubtedly one of the most entertaining characters/participants of this seasons Big Boss. As it is always with Big Boss, there has to be some surprise instored for the viewers.

This time it was the elimination on Saturday. And guess who? it was unexpectedly Arshi Khan. Most of the audience and the participants considered Luv and Aakash to be evicted before Arshi.


This has also left her very disappointed. She was called Arshi Begum in the Big Boss house and she gave everyone a run for their money for sure.

After her eviction, she gave an interview to Hindustan times and revealed many things unheard. She even spoke about the allegations made by Gehna Vashishth and also about her court cases.

She expressed her unhappiness saying – “I really don’t understand if I was so popular and driving force of the house then how could I not receive votes? It was unexpected. I even told the makers of the show and Salman Khan the same thing”

Arshi reacted to the allegations made Gehana saying – “ I have also heard about this model-actor (Gehana Vasisth) from Bhopal who spoke a lot about me(especially my age and marital status), but I don’t know her at all.How can she say all these things about me?I think she is just trying to cash in on my popularity”

About her court cases, she said – “All these are my past and I have clarified a few things while inside the house. Also I don’t care what happened earlier, for me the present moment matters. Main bindaas rahti hoon.What you read about me can be made up but then India saw me live on Big Boss and they now know the kind of person I am”

Talking about the other players in the BB house, she said that Hina Khan is fake and is seen always lying on the bed, and so is Shilpa Shinde, fake. She said that she, being out, now will party with Bandagi, Ben and Sabyasachi. She would also now look for opportunities into films and television.

A video has also been out after her eviction where she is seen crying, and the video is dedicated to Vikas Gupta, who she seems to be missing a lot. She wishes Vikas Merry Christmas and also says that her fans would now vote for Vikas.