Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami are two highly popular men in India. Shahrukh Khan is of course loved by a plethora of people for his charm and acting but we’re not sure if many love Arnab Goswami too. Anyhow, while one is a Bollywood icon the other one is an icon from the world of journalism and when these two go about sharing a stage, wonders are bound to happen.


What’s the story about?

The two were sharing a stage during an even in Mumbai very recently. Shahrukh Khan emphasised on how media, content creators and filmmaker’s can collaborate to create content which confronts negative forces.


Arnab Tried To Take A Dig At Shahrukh Khan

Arnab Goswami, like he does every time, tried to take a dig at King Khan but on a lighter note of course. Arnab Asked him that he said he’s a content creator yet why is it that he’s mentioned about profits thrice in 5 minutes.

Shahrukh Khan Gave A Classy Response

The question didn’t seem to bother King Khan at all. He had a reply for that and Arnab surely didn’t see that coming.

Here’s what Shahrukh Khan said “Gurbat mein creativity nahi hoti, Main hamesha sab ko bolta hu, First get rich than become a philosopher”.

Haha! Now that’s a classy response and you got to say that it’s nothing but Shahrukh Khan being Shahrukh Khan. His charm and his words are always on the money and so was the case here too.