Everyone got to see a different side of Arjun Kapoor after the death of Sridevi. Arjun Kapoor stood like a pillar of strength for his father and sisters, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.


Earlier many times during the interview, Arjun Kapoor has confessed that the relationship he shared with Sridevi and her daughter were not that cordial but Arjun Kapoor stood there with his step-sisters during this tough phase of their life. He even went to Dubai to accompany his father when he heard the news.

Like a great son, during the time of funeral he stood there with his father and sisters and supported them. Not only him, but also his sister Anshula Kapoor also stood there with her family and not left her father’s side during this tough phase.

Yesterday, Arjun Kapoor posted his first tweet after the death of Sridevi and it was so deep that it made everyone emotional. Here’s what he tweeted:

He captioned the picture as “One day at a time…”

Twitteratis could feel his emotions and what he might have went through. Here are a few reactions from his tweeps:

Stay Strong Arjun!

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