With a value of over $800 millions, Apple is currently the most valued company in the world. After the launch of iPhoneX, Apple’s stock rose 24% higher.

However, Amazon Inc. has been ranked the third most valued company with $752 billion but it’s quickly moving towards the first position and is all set to dethrone Apple from the first position.

Since last year, Amazon’s stocks has raised 83% thanks to the revenue growth from Amazon cloud.

Amazon has already dethroned or removed Microsoft from the third position, last month. Now the next competitor is Google Parent company Alphabet Inc, which is sitting at second place with the value of $783 billion. However, this isn’t any tough competition for Amazon, they can easily remove Alphabet Inc, from the second position.

Alphabet Inc’s stock has increased with 33% which is faster than Apple but Amazon’s stock are increasing with the speed of rocket.

On the other hand, Apple’s growth seems like temporary and can splinter any time, all thanks to it’s anniversary flagship which has not been well-adopted.

Last year, speculations were made that Microsoft will takeover on Apple and will become the most valued company and first trillion dollar company as well, but now it has even left the third position and have been pushed downwards by Amazon.

FILE PHOTO – Amazon President, Chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos speaks at the Business Insider’s “Ignition Future of Digital” conference in New York, U.S. on December 2, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

Amazon, on the other, if keeps on growing like this than it will soon overtake every other company and will dethrone Apple to become the most valued company and the first company to become the first trillion dollar company.

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