Apple Have Made A Big Change To Their Old Models And Users Are Very Unhappy


The recent news which had been doing rounds with the users of the iPhone, which made its users have a belief that the Apple deliberately slows old iphones has been affirmatively confirmed by Apple.

It was the massive fear within the users which made them susceptible and apprehensive towards the iPhone.


There is more to this aspect of the iPhone. This is not just a business , capitalist move by Apple but it has a more technical aspect to it as well.

It seems a that a module of iOS slows down the devices with old batteries, in order to preserve and enhance battery life.

Lithium- ion batteries degrade over time, so limiting the processors clock speed makes sure that the iPhone does not push itself till the point it goes dead in the users hands.

Apple has admitted to the findings being true. It takes measures to reduce power demands in iPhones with older batteries. This is the reason why replacing the battery increases the speed more that the recent past.

Apple said in their recent statement that the models released last year – namely – iPhone 6, 6S and iPhone SE was released with a feature to smooth out the instantaneous peaks (a large burst of current supplied from the battery). They added that the similar feature has been added in iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and has plans to add in its future models as well.

When an iPhone’s processor suddenly draws a large amount of power from an old battery, the current is delivered in spikes that can cause damage to the internal electronics. The iPhone would thereby shut doen to protect the expensive components.

This was a common problem in 2016, which forced Apple to come up with a remedial solution. This led to the older phones slowing down when running with older  batteries.

To ease it now, all one needs to do is replace your battery, though it is not a cheap affair.It require to visit an Apple store. Just buying it yourself will not serve the purpose.

It’s high time that Apple comes out with a dual solution to tackle its issues of power and processing speed to hold on to its loyalist customers.