Twitter is the most funniest and entertaining place to be at. Twitter and twitterati never disappoints us when it comes to entertaining us. From meme battles to some sensible write-ups, you will find everything there. Twitter challenges are fun, especially when they are getting quite popular and you also have a chance to win something.


Recently, entrepreneur Anand Mahindra posted a picture of a milestone on his twitter account and announced a competition. He asked his followers to come up with best funny captions and the best one will be presented with two Diecast Mahindra Collectibles.

Here, have a look at his tweet :


The tweet read:
This pic is brimming with potential for a hilarious comment or caption. Haven’t had a caption competition for a while. So here goes…The best caption wins two toy Diecast Mahindra vehicle models..From Mahindra Collectibles. I’ll accept entries for the next 48 hours!”

The tweet was soon flooded with hilarious tweets. The competition was tough and replies poured in. Here, we bring you the most hilarious and funniest replies on the tweet :

Hilarious aren’t they? Well, twitter never disappoints us.

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