An Indian Fan Hurled Abuses On Jimmy Neesham In Hindi, Jimmy’s Reply Made Him Delete His Tweet


IPL season 11 was fun and very entertaining. IPL is not just about the game but also about learning different cultures and traditions and respecting them as well. Cricketers from all around the world come together and play on Indian soil and make these two months the most entertaining months of the year.

Amazing experience today visiting a village and speaking to the locals #oneselfiepleasesir


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However, we have often seen Indians trolling and hurling Hindi abuses on the foreign cricketers, thinking that they will not understand.

Recently, a fan hurled out Hindi abuses on the New Zealand cricketer, Jimmy Neesham. However, Jimmy Neesham gave a savage reply to the fan that it made him delete his tweet.

Here, have a look at what the fan tweeted :

The tweet read:
“Mate Your G**ndu”.

Well, the fan would have never expected such a reply from Jimmy Neesham. However, Jimmy surprised everyone with his response, here have a look at the tweet of immy :

The tweet read:
“Do you guys seriously think we play 2 months of IPL and don’t learn any of the language ???? “

Out and about for #mhawnz. "Tough times don't last. Tough people do."

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Well, the savage reply from the cricketer made the fan delete his tweet. Not just these, but Jimmy went on to answer two more questions. Here, have a look at Jimmy’s interaction with his fans.

When a fan asked him what he likes the most about India?

When a fan said that the girls in India are crazy for his looks. Here, have a look at what he said :

Well, he is really good with his words. And one should never mess up with the cricketers.

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