Akshay Kumar Reveals How He Felt Wearing ‘Pink Panties’ With Sanitary Napkins In Padman


Akshay Kumar is one of the most hardworking and versatile actors in Hindi Film Industry. Over the years, he has earned the love and respect of the fans by doing all genres of cinema, effectively.


Akshay, off late, has been doing a lot of social work and making cinema that has a message for the society. His recent movie ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ was loved by one and all and it had a very strong message for the rural sector of India.

Akshay Kumar is now all set to release his next movie ‘Padman’. In Padman, Akshay Kumar will try and burst the myths surrounding mensuration. The movie is inspired by the real life characterof Padmashri Arunachalam Muruganatham, the man who revolutionized the manufacture of the low-cost sanitary napkin in India.


Akshay, recently, interacted with the media as a part of Padman’s promotion and revealed some interesting details.

Akshay said that he woe pink panties with sanitary pads in the movie and it was not at all challenging and shameful for him. He also added that he did with ease.

“Wearing pink panties with sanitary pads was not at all challenging and shameful for me, I did with complete ease, you guys feel it’s a challenge, but it’s the most natural thing. The day you guys will stop seeing it as a challenge, the percentage will automatically come down from 82 to 12 or maybe zero.”

He also revealed that he has been meeting a lot of women off late and periods is the biggest problem for all of them.

“Since last few months I have been meeting women, the biggest problem for them is their periods, It’s not because of their periods, but people around them and their taboos, they do not have personal hygiene at all which is very disheartening. There are boys teasing girls in school seeing their stains. I was shocked to see how people tease girls, you know what’s their code word for chums, they say, ‘Uska 5 day test match shuru hogaya ‘. It’s shocking and shameful.”

He also gave a hint that his next project might be on dowry.

“I have never thought of any cause now. But recently I met a fan and she asked me after Padman what’s next. I asked her you tell me, she with a very stern voice told me ‘Make something on Dowry’. She said it so strongly that even I got scared.”