Akash Dadlani Forcefully Kissed Shilpa Shinde And This Made Twitterati Very Angry


Akash Dadlani Forcefully Kissed Shilpa Shinde And This Made Twitterati Very Angry: Perhaps it’s the most controversial reality show of the Indian Television! The present season has reached even a level higher with remarks being made on people’s class, family, body, and the contestants keeps on upsetting their followers often with their antics.

Eventually started by following the format of Big Brother show of Netherlands, the show is now turning into more of a battle ground!


One of the craziest contestants of the Big Boss house ever is Akash Dadlani. In an unseen footage, he stoops to a new low by kissing Shilpa Shinde without permission. Known for, not giving space to people around him, he neither thinks much before doing anything.


He is always seen doing weird acts and the recent one is well enough to boil your blood. Twetterati can’t keep calm, and the social media is flooded with the audience’s demand of punishing Akash of his low act.

Ever since Shilpa joined hands with Vikas Gupta, the inseparable Maa-Beta Jodi has started having differences from the past one week.

In an unseen footage uploaded recently, shilpa is seen having her food when Akash and Puneesh join her. Akash seems to complain about Hitesh for calling him a looser. When Shilpa tries to console him, he suddenly shocks her by forcing a kiss on her cheeks.

Despite of the discomfort shown, he continues to hold her hand, touches her cheek, and tries to hug her. Akash’s shameful act compels Shilpa to lose her temper.

She even threatens to slap him but Akash seems to remain unapologetic. When Shilpa asked to leave her, he even twisted her arm a little. Disgusted Shilpa then walks back to the kitchen area.

The Social Media is rightly upset with the entire act and has demanded molester Akash’s eviction. Twitter furiously reacted and here we have some of the selected comments:

“ Akash Dadlani, dirtiest person ever! I want to slap him. He thinks dirty, his acts are dirtier!”

“ This is totally sexual harassment..What a shameful act. Big Boss isn’t a safe place for women right now. Mr Akash you’ll have to pay for this stupid act…..”


“ Salman Sir ye kya ho raha hai…is ghar me ye begerat insane National TV per kisi ladki k sath jabardasti kar raha hai…”

“ This is total wrong…Cannot say things about anyone on social media…but this is not done.. he is trying all dirty things..plz do take action @Beingsalmman sir..”

Now it’s your turn, sound off your comments in this regard!