Akash Ambani’s ‘Rumoured’ Wedding Card Is Going Viral And It’s Probably The Costliest Ever


Rumour mills suggest Akash Ambani is getting married: With a net worth of 40.8 billion dollars, Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian businessman. He is the largest shareholder and chairman of Reliance Industries Limited.


We have all heard details about his luxury house Antilia but this time another news about the business magnet will surprise you.

We loved the wedding videos of Virat and Anushka’s marriage but another big fat Indian wedding is on the horizon. Akash Ambani, the eldest son of Mukesh is going to be married soon and preparations are going on.


It is estimated that Akash will be married in the month of December but we are yet to know the exact date. However Internet is going crazy over the wedding invitation card that costs over 1.5 lakhs each.

The Ambani family are known for their lavish lifestyle but this is truly unique. When you think about it, one can buy two IPhone X devices with the cost of the card. However, when it comes to the Ambani family, everything amazes us.

The funny thing is that, by spending over one lakh and fifty thousand rupees, we can print all the cards but it is not the case for the richest family of the country.

They associate extravaganza in their daily lifestyle and this is the perfect example of it. The card is made of pure gold. It comes in a well-designed box which contains the golden card along with pearl jewels. The box is also contains various dry fruit items and chocolates.

The card itself looks extremely beautiful and it is curved in a delicate manner. On the upper part of the card, all the names of family members are mentioned in red. If a card of the wedding costs this much, we can only imagine how much they will spend on the day of the wedding.

All the celebrities and industrialists will receive this amazing wedding card and their presence is expected on the day of the event.

We are sure that whoever gets this golden invitation will keep the card as a token for the rest of their lives. In this day and age of inflation, you don’t receive such an invite often.

We associate grandeur, grace and glory with the Ambani family and this wedding will be another spectacle. We are quite sure that the Internet will go crazy about other details of the event as soon as they come out in the media.