According To Ram Gopal Verma, Mia Malkova Has “Defeated” Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone has created her magic again on big screens as Queen Padmavati in her new movie, Padmaavat. No doubt, Deepika Padukone is looking breathtakingly beautiful in her movie and has again set the screen on fire with her brilliant performance on-screen.


But not everyone thinks like that. Yes! just before Padmaavat released, Ram Gopal Verma took to micro-blogging site, Twitter and declared that Padmaavat movie is clashing with his movie titled- God, Sex, and Truth. He tweeted:

The tweet read:
“My film God,Sex and Truth is releasing on jan 26th at 9 Am along with Padmaavat on http://www.GodSexTruth.Online …Between @MiaMalkova and @deepikapadukone may the best woman win???? #GodSexTruth.”

Talking about the controversies surrounding both the movies he tweeted:

The tweet read:

“The difference between @MiaMalkova ‘s #GodSexTruth and @deepikapadukone ‘s Padmaavat is One is a Social Controversy and the Other is a Historical Controversy.”

And if this wasn’t enough, today the director took to twitter and declared that Mia is beating Deepika. Yes! you read that right. He tweeted:

The tweet read:

“Feeling happily sad and sadly happy to see Indians loving foreigner @MiaMalkova more than Indian @deepikapadukone Happy Republic day! Satya Mia Jayathe.”

Yes, he shared a “graph” to prove that Mia is way ahead of Deepika Padukone. And not just that, in one of his facebook post he said:

“I tremendously respect Mia Malkova because she took a conscious decision to live life the way she wants to, to enjoy sex the way she feels like and to so clean heartedly profess to the whole world to look up to the greatness of Sex and bask in it without shame and guilt.”

Hands-down Deepika’s brilliant performance in Padmaavat is way ahead of anyone.

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