‘Sex positions’ is, mostly, a very interesting and entraining topic of discussion. But, have you ever wondered which is the most difficult and which one is the easiest? Well, recently, a survey was conducted and we, in this report, have shared the results with you.

A new survey by the pharmacy Superdrug found that 87 percent of coupled-up people say their relationships are “slightly to moderately sexually adventurous,” but nevertheless, there are a few things that really make people sweat when it comes to sex.

The survey which was conducted between 1000 men and women from the United States of America and parts of Europe, found the couples really don’t mind trying new positions in the bed.

However, when it comes to toys, the result were different. According to the survey, 35.7% of American men and 41.4% of American women said the thought of trying sex acts like bondage and this makes them anxious and uncomfortable.

Also, when asked about different sex positions, the least appealing sex position for men and women alike was the standing 69, with 42.7% of men and 56.8% of women voting in ‘standing 69’s’ favour.

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“Sex in a standing position may sound stimulating in theory, but it can also be more difficult to pull off,” the report points out.

“Ultimately, honest communication is your best tool for exploring your partner’s body and discovering new routes to sexual satisfaction along the way,” the report advises.