All thanks to Indian Premier League that cricketers from all around the world come together and play on Indian soil and make these two months the most entertaining months of the year. IPL is not just about the game but also about learning different cultures and traditions and respecting them as well.


However, we have often seen Indians trolling and hurling Hindi abuses on the foreign cricketers, thinking that they will not understand. But this is not the case with the New Zealand cricketer, Jimmy Neesham.

Recently, someone told him to use the abusive hashtag #PKMKB , Jimmy replied with a clear No as the answer. Here, have a look at the tweet :

But netizens seems to be taking a lot of time to understand that Jimmy Neesham is quite familiar to Hindi abuses. A twitter user recently used the word “[email protected]@ndu” again for Jimmy and he had a funny reply for him. Here, have a look at the tweet :

Here, have a look at the reply of Jimmy Neesham :

The tweet read:
“Still trying the Hindi insult thing are we? Good stuff ????”

The twitter user deleted his abusive tweet after the savage reply from Jimmy and made him tweet again but this time with sweet words and praises for him.

The tweet read:
Bhai Dil p mat Lena ❤ ! I love you tbh”

Twitterati loved the savage reply of Jimmy and flooded the tweet with praises, have a look :

However, this wasn’t the first time that Jimmy handled the troll amazingly. Last year someone used the same abusive word for him, this is what he had replied :

The tweet read:
“Do you guys seriously think we play 2 months of IPL and don’t learn any of the language ???? “

Well, we are in love with how brilliantly he handles the trolls and abusers.

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