A Problem Has Been Reported By iPhone X Users


Apple is always known for their customer service. It adds to their brand value as a company. It is rare that iPhone owners face any problem with their high end device. Their latest product iPhone X has hit the market on November 3rd.

Image source: TechCrunch.com

This phone was the most highly anticipated Apple product of this year. Huge number of devices of the first lot was pre-booked by the Apple loyalists. However, some iPhone X owners have posted on Twitter that they are having issues with their phone. Apple has always maintained their track record of being flawless with their devices but lately there have been reports that the devices are not activating.


Apple products are sold on various carriers online. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are most popular carriers of Apple products. Reportedly, some of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint users have faced this unique problem in last few hours. While activating the $1000 device they are getting a pop up notification stating that activation server temporarily unavailable.

In the notification they are further advised to connect their iPhone to iTunes to activate it or trying again later. If the problems persist they are told to contact the nearest Apple store.


The iPhone X owners are extremely unhappy about it. They have logged on to Twitter to report the issue to the Twitter handle of Apple. D, Archibald, iPhone X owner urged Apple on Twitter to fix the activation server while another Apple customer Larry Greenberg complained that he got the ‘ Could not activate iPhone’ message multiple times.

Even the ones that have been fortunate enough to get their phones activated have reported that the process is very slow and takes at least couple of times to work out. The exact reason of the problem is not clear. One possible explanation could be network congestion.

Photo source: gadgets.ndtv.com

A Verizon spokesman said in his statement to The Verge that he can confirm that customers who bought the device from Verizon are not facing these issues. AT&T issued a statement which implied that the problem is not limited to their customer base. Some customers regardless of which career they bought the devices from, are facing this problem. However, they also reassured that the issue is being resolved. Sprint declined to comment on the matter.

The most likely explanation is that the problem is related to Apple and not to the retailers. Apple has not responded on the issue yet. We hope Apple acts fast and resolves the problem.