No doubt, Rahul Gandhi is internet’s favorite person. Time and again, the internet never fails to make him go viral but for all the other reason. Rahul Gandhi, the President of Congress, keeps on getting trolled every other day for one reason or the other.


A video of Rahul Gandhi has been making rounds on the Internet today, in which Rahul Gandhi can be seen combating questioner in Singapore regarding the contribution of his family to Indian economy.


PK Basu, the man who was questioning the congress President asked, “Why is it that, when your family ruled the country, India’s per capita income grew slower than the world average, but since your family relinquished the PM-ship, India’s per capita income has grown much substantially faster than the world average?” 

To which our Rahul Gandhi replied, “And what is your hypothesis?”

PK Basu was quick and witty, he said: “I asked you the question. I’m here to ask the question… My hypothesis is in my book. Please read the book.”

The audience cracked up to this and gave him a big hand of applause.

Although, Rahul Gandhi wanted to ignore the question very badly but had to answer as all the eyes were on him, he said:  “You are giving a helluva lot of power to one family.”

The debate continued until Congress President, Rahul Gandhi uttered: “So you are saying that I have absolutely no role in Indian politics from 2004 to today? You are saying that? Make up your mind. I either have a role or I don’t, you can’t give me both options,” 

Rahul Gandhi added:

Now you notice something else… Mr Narendra Modi would never do that. You would never have the ability to say in front of Modiji what you said to me. And I am absolutely blazingly proud of that,” 

Later Rahul Gandhi also said: “Anybody in this room who thinks that the Congress is not party to that success, anybody who thinks that gaining Independence was not part of that success, that one man, one vote which the RSS opposed, was not part of that success, anybody who thinks that Green revolution was not part of that success… anybody who thinks that the telecom was not part of that success.. anybody who thinks that liberalisation was not part of that success… needs to write a new book,” 

No doubt Rahul Gandhi just nailed the debate. The congress party also posted this video on their twitter handle, here’s what they tweeted:

The tweet read:
“With political discourse hitting new lows everyday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi shows how to gracefully handle detractors and call their bluff.”

However, BJP’s Amit Malviya posted:

And soon the hashtag #WhenYouAreRahul started trending on Twitter, while some people supported him the others bashed him brutally. Here are some of the responses from the trollers:

However, there were a few people who were supporting him as well, have a look:

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