There is no love greater than the love of a mother for her children. A woman takes birth again when she becomes a mother, a new journey starts for her the moment she conceives.


The growing fetus in a mother’s womb is still her baby even when he is not born yet. She starts counting the days left for the delivery and starts preparing to welcome the baby in this world. However, this is also the most sensitive time.

No one can understand the pain of a woman who lost her unborn child better than a mother. Here, in this article we bring you a tragic story of a woman, Sharran Sutherland, who miscarried her 14 weeks old baby boy who lost the battle of his life in his mother’s womb.


As per the laws, the parents can’t do a proper burial of the fetus, thus, the parents of this baby buried his body in a flowerpot. The baby had perfectly formed tiny parts, hands, legs, but he couldn’t survive.

Sharran Sutherland, hails from from Missouri. The parents of the baby were left devastated when the doctor revealed them about their unborn child being miscarried in the womb. The doctors couldn’t save the baby.

The mother was left devastated and was shocked to see that her baby had well developed tiny parts. The fetus of the baby boy had perfectly shaped paws, hands, face, and other body parts. Sharran shared the pictures of the feet and tiny hands of the fetus and they are heart-rending.

Besides sharing this, Sharran also shared a heart-touching message about the abortion. She pleaded every woman to never have an abortion as the fetus that they abort has a life too and every child has to the right to live.

The couple had thought of naming their unborn child Miraan. They didn’t let the hospital staff throw the fetus away as some sort of medical waste. They decided to keep the body of the fetus and they later stored in the freezer for some time for the proper burial but the government didn’t allow it.

Burying a baby in a flowerpot is more heartbreaking than it sounds but the helpless parents had no choice.

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