A Fan Brought Anushka’s Wedding Picture To The Ground. Kohli’s Reaction Was Priceless


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma or Virushka as their fans call them, made headlines when they secretly tied knots in Italy. Ever since then, fans are showering their love and blessings on the newly-wed couple.


Social Media witnessed a flood of messages, videos and pictures of the couple. Congratulatory messages are still pouring in from fans all over the globe. But some fans are so crazy that they can go to any extent and do anything to show their love and happiness for the togetherness of the couple.


Well, we saw a crazy fan recently during the match in South Africa. The crazy fan was cheering for team India but he had a banner of Virushka’s wedding in his hands.The banner consisted of a beautiful picture of the newly-wed couple with a congratulatory message on it.

What took our hearts away was Virat Kohli’s gesture for this crazy fan.Yes, Virat Kohli not just saw the fan with a banner but also acknowledged it.

Although, our captain is a very player on-field, but when he saw his fan with a banner, he didn’t ignored him instead he waved at him to acknowledge his efforts which made the fan super-happy.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video here :

Although, it is not the first time, that we have seen the interaction between fans and Virat. There have been many instances in the past as well, where Virat Kohli’s sweet and bitter gestures have never failed to take our hearts away.

Such gestures and acknowledgements from our favorite celebrities always makes the fans happier.

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