Anushka Sharma’s Grandmother Is Angry And Her Reason Is Absolutely Valid


Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli Marriage Updates: An oft-mentioned struggle celebrities not belonging from traditional film families mention, is the initial trouble their families have in making sense of the ever churning gossip mills.

With time they learn to take it in its stride, but one can never completely get used to being the subject of permanent conjecture. Latest person to fall prey to the mills is Anushka Sharma’s grandmother!


Combining the swag of pop culture’s most glamorous elements, Cinema and Cricket, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are social media’s favourite couple. From rumors to unabashed confirmations to controversies regarding Virat Kohli’s performance being affected by Anushka Sharma.


Their relationship has seen everything.   But now the most important news is doing the rounds- their impending marriage!


But it is not the marriage which has us in splits; it’s the fact that as the entire media went bonkers over the marriage, the most shocked were not the people, but Anushka Sharma’s own grandmother!

On being approached for comments, the actress’ paternal grandmother shared her grief over getting the news from the media instead of family. She complained how despite her son’s daily telephone calls to her, he failed to mention such an important decision.

But she wrapped up her comments not with grievance, but by stating her unconditional love for her granddaughter, regardless of the distance.

The rumors themselves are not merely generic, and they did not start from merely the amount of time passed in the relationship, as usually is the case, but from a number of too conveniently placed ‘coincidences’.

Virat Kohli is not participating in the December matches citing personal reasons and both the actors have left for Tuscany, Italy with their families. But before we could conclude it as a combined family trip, Sharma Family’s official priest Maharaj  Anant Baba also accompanied them!

It didn’t help that Sabyasachi Mukherjee  was spotted at Anushka’s home some time ago.
The marriage is expected on an approximate date, 9th– 12th December.


Additionally, The India Today report also reminds of Anushka Sharma’s desire to get married in vineyards, if it is a destination wedding.  They also state that Virat’s relatives and Anushka Sharma’s neighbors from the Mumbai home have booked tickets to Italy.

While we don’t know when the marriage will happen exactly, but this time we hope Anushka’s granny gets the news before we do!

Information source: All India Roundup.