This Is What Bandagi Kalra Revealed About Her Relationship With Puneesh After Getting Evicted


What happens inside the Big Boss House has been a matter of speculation for many. So, whenever one gets evicted from the house, the media immediately surrounds him r her to extract information of this so much talked about place.

This week, it was the turn of Bandgi Karla. Yes, she got evicted from the house and immediately after her eviction, the media took her interview to know about what goes inside the house.


Bandgi, however, did not disappoint the audience but it should also be mentioned that she had been very much diplomatic in her interview and never for once did she said anything bad about anyone.


Bangdi’s eviction has been a matter of shock to many. She was nominated along with Luv and Puneesh and everyone feels that Luv would be bidding farewell this week since he had not been very active in the show.

The audience is now wandering about missing romantic moments in the house and also they are looking forward to see how Puneesh manages alone in the house. The audience too is heartbroken after seeing the separation of these two love birds.

However, after her eviction, Bandgi spoke to the media and the first thing she made clear that her affair with Puneesh is very much genuine and it was not fake to increase the TRP of the reality show.

She laid that she and Puneesh were totally lost in each other in the show. There has been guessings that their relation being fake and just a show off. She gave her answer against this which many have considered to be a befitting reply.

Also, she had mentioned about the presence of many spicy and scandalous things inside the house. She added further that there is almost no genuine relation inside the house.

The media asked Bangdi about her views on the probable winner of the show. She named Vikas Gupta who, according to her is the candidate who deserves to win the show. To her, Vikas has been a very genuine persona and always abides by the norms of the house.

The audience is sincerely hoping the Bangdi returns to the show via a wild card entry and keeps all of us entertained throughout. Also, Puneesh will get company of his loved one in the show and would not be left alone.