Difference Between Houses Of Mukesh Ambani And Vladimir Putin


When two big names appear together, one gets to know that something strong is brewing up. So, here we have in discussion, the current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani, who is the richest man in Asia.


By now, we all know how insanely rich Mukesh Ambani is but what takes the attention here is a deadly comparison between the wealth of Vladimir Putin and Mukesh Ambani. We, at FunniestIndia.com, keep looking for stories that, some say, are useless but they still entertain.

India, as a nation, has always been obsessed with people who are rich. And there is no one more richer than Mukesh Amabni, in India. In this post, we have tried to do a bit of compassion between the houses of Mukesh Ambani and Vladimir Putin.


Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla

In India, if one plans to have a dream home, then Antilla is what comes to their mind. It is from one of the world’s most expensive homes with 27 floors sheltering a family of five members. Exceptionally dedicated spaces in it include a gigantic ballroom, a hanging garden, a theater, home-spa, salon and even a snow room.

Every floor of the Antilla is made on a different theme with each of it having different designs and floors. This is an absolutely lavish place, which rarely gives an impression of a house, but more of a hotel.

Vladimir Putin’s $1bn Palace

Vladimir Putin’s palace is still under construction and the property worth 1 billion is said to be Russian Prime Minister’s lavish mansion on Black Sea. This mansion will have an amphitheatre and three helipads. Along with this, it also has maze bushes, marbled floors and four-poster beds. Clearly, out casting Ambani’s Antilla.

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Information source: Unite For India