Sunny Leone And Her Husband Are Super Angry And We Agree With Them


Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are very popular in India. Sunny, of course, is a Bollywood star and Daniel manages everything for her. From her commercial deals to security, Daniel Weber is always at helm of things as far his beautiful wife Sunny Leone is concerned.


Not long ago, Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber were in news for the adoption of their daughter, Nisha Kaur Weber. However, it led a controversy as Sunny Leone shared a photograph on the social media before the completion of the adoption process and got in a conflict with Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Recently, Sunny Leone Daniel Weber, took to Twitter today to complain about delays experienced on four Jet Airways flights this week.


“Seriously, it’s crazy the amount of delays @jetairways is having everyday. Was on a plane all week and usually only with Jet (Airways) but everyday was delayed at least by 1 hour. Ruined my week of sleep (sic)! Something needs to be done,” Sunny Leone wrote in a tweet.

“Call from @jetairways this morning to me after a complaint about 4 flight delays this week — sir, it is the airport’s fault , not the airline’s, don’t be mad at us !… Good response @jetairways,” Daniel Weber wrote.

Sunny was quick to reply to this tweet and took a little dig. She wrote back: “Well at least they called.”

And this is how Twitterati reacted: