Video: Difference Between Snake Catchers In Singapore And India


This India Is The Coolest Snake Catcher In The World: Snakes are one of the most deadly creatures in the world. Snakes mostly live in the wild but there are times when they end up in public places or private properties while roaming around.


These days, a video is going viral in which two snake catchers, from Singapore and India, are using totally different techniques to catch snakes from public places.

While the snake catcher from Singapore is using all the tools and protective measures to catch a big snake, the Indian snake catcher calmly catches the snake with his bare hands and wraps him around his lungi. Take a bow, sir. You are the coolest snake catcher in the world.


The snake catcher from India is slowly becoming an internet sensation because of his calm and cool style. It seems that he is a pro and knows how to tackle big snakes. From Facebook to Youtube, the video is going viral and we have embedded it here for you.

Reportedly, this man is from Tamil Nadu. With a massive snake in his hands, he partially unfolded his lungi, flipped the snake into it and walked away as if nothing happened.

One of the guys who was present at the scene recorded the video and we can hear the noise of people laughing and applauding the snake catcher’s daring and effortless way of catching snakes.

This video went viral in 2016 first but it has hit social media again. But, this time, they have compared it with how things happen abroad. Watch the video here:

Twitter user @RohanV first shared the video on Twitter saying, “When you are a snake catcher from South India, but forget your disposal bag.”

Note: These are professionals  and we advise our readers to not try such dangerous tricks.