This New Startup Is Giving 1GB 4G Data For Just Rs 20. Here’s How You Can Avail This Offer


Do you remember the time when internet became the most integral part of our life and we could do just anything to recharge our phone with the internet packs that came at a very high price like about Rs 250 or 255 for just a GB of 3G data?


However, last year in September, Reliance came up with a unbelievable plan of unlimited 4G data at very nominal costs. After giving the date free for more than six month, its present charges are also very low and people are just going crazy aout it.

Previously they used 1 GB data for a month and now they are using a GB a day and sometimes that too falls very low for us.


However, here is someone that is coming up to give JIO competition. It is a Bengaluru based start-up title “dabba”.

It is hardly 13 month old and it is offering data for unimaginable prices like they are giving out 100MB data for just Rs 2.

Not only this, 500MB and 1GB data are being offered at Rs 10 and Rs 20 respectively and these are valid for 24 hours. Can you imagine?

All these plans are available in a pre-paid format because “90% of data connections in India are pre-paid. Not many people want to spend Rs 300 up front and this way, users can buy data when they need,” explains Sharma.

Unlike other services that ask you for downloading an app, with dabba, all you have to do is to just register with your mobile number after which you would get an OTP. Once this verification is being completed, you are free to use the internet.

While all the renowned companies are putting up huge towers all across the country, it is the goal to put these small wi-fi dabbas across the cities in lakh. Rolling out one dabba costs Rs 4000 and 20 of these dabbas can together make connection which is equivalent to one large tower of the big telecom companies.

Also, the company had claimed that they provide 50 Mbps speed within a radius of 100-200 metres.

It seems that almost all the telecom companies are going to suffer from serious complex of inferiority once this dabba becomes hit.

Also, with the growing demand of internet, the cheaper it gets, the better it is. We ardently hope that this service is being extended to the entire country.

The company has already installed 350 routers or dabbas (as they like to call it) across the city of Bengaluru and Sharma claims the startup has over 1800 connection requests in-waiting.

Name of the Company: Wifi Dabba
Name of Founder (s):  
Shubhendu Sharma and Karam Lakshman
City: Bengaluru
Revenues: NA
Headcount: 32
Industry: Internet Data
Investors Details & Amount raised: NA