Every country have their own set of rules and laws to follow and every citizen needs to follow them but there are some citizens in the countries where the citizens not just only broke all the laws but also fled their countries to escape from the allegations of the crime they committed.

Here, we bring you a list of all those criminals who fled their countries to escape from the allegations of the crime. Have a look :

  1. Vijay Mallya :

The ‘King of Good Times’, was the ex-chairman of United Spirits Ltd. He was known for his glamorous and luxurious lifestyle. However, he fled to Britain after his involvement in multiple financial scandals since 2012. The collective amount he owed to 17 banks was Rs.9000 crore in loans which he had taken to gain complete or partial stakes in more than 40 companies worldwide.

These 17 banks even petitioned the Supreme Court to not allow him from leaving the country but further he was accused of having Rs.900 crores more in loan that he took for the Kingfisher airlines abroad. He is currently living in the United Kingdom where he was arrested but released on bail.

2. Nadim Akhter Saifi :

Nadeem-Shravan, this duo were at the peak of their career in the 1990s and 2000s. However, after the murder of the great Gulshan Kumar in August 1997, a controversy erupted and Mumbai Police suspected him to be involved in the murder because of a tussle between both the music producers.

Allegations were made on Nadeem regarding the underworld group D company as well. According to reports, a secret music function was hosted by Saifi for Dawood Ibrahim.

3. Dawood Ibrahim :

Dawood Ibrahim is the head of the organised crime company known as D-Company. Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted criminal in India with multiple charges including extortion terrorism, drug trafficking and murders. He is also believe to be involved in the 1993 bombings in Mumbai.

Although, some reports state that he is currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan believing that the government of Pakistan has given him the sanctuary, while other reports states that he is somewhere in the Pak-Afghanistan border regions and also in UAE.

4. Tiger Hanif:

Tiger Hanif is also the “wanted” criminal, he was involved in the grenade attack that took place in a crowded marketplace in Surat. However not many were injured by the attack but it killed a schoolgirl in January 1993. He was also involved in subsequent attack that injured 12 commuters in April. The investigations also said that , Tiger used the funds meant for a Muslim refugee camp to fund the attacks.

After the attacks, he flew to Pakistan and later on to Britain. In the year 2013, a Supreme Court Justice claimed that there were no grounds for extradition.

5. Sheetal Mafatlal:


Sheetal Mafatlal was born in a wealthy family. She came into news when she married Atulya Mafatlal who was engaged to her sister but she got involved in a legal battle involving her mother-in-law Madhuri and her husband.

Her mother-in-law, Madhuri made allegations that 40 odd paintings had gone missing from their home which is at Altamont Road Mumbai, also, her husband Atulya Mafatlal added that jewelry worth 10 crores had gone missing.

She fled to London when she was claimed the primary suspect and did not appear in court for a very long time.

6. Lalit Modi:

Lalit Modi was the first Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League. Lalit was also a close associate of BJP leader Vasundhara Raje. After the IPL season of the year 2010, Lalit Modi was accused of the misconduct and he was suspended by the cricket board of India, BCCI. Further investigations resulted in banning him from the BCCI for forever in 2013.

Another investigations were launched against him by the Enforcement Directorate for questionable financial dealings when he moved to London.

A light blue notice was released against him by the Interpol which cites to the immediate arrest of Lalit Modi on Indian Soil.

7. Nirav Modi:

He is the latest criminal in the list. Nirav Modi has fled from the country after looting Rs.11,400 crores from the Punjab National Bank. Nirav Modi used fake letters of Understanding and he managed to get the cash from the Hong Kong based branches of Allahabad Bank, Union Bank, SBI and Axis Bank who have issued buyers credits against the LoUs.

The Enforcement Directorate has raided many properties of him and have seized assets worth Rs. 5100 crores.

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