5 Things We All Missed At Virushka’s Wedding


5 Things We All Missed At Virushka’s Wedding: More often than not rumours end up being just rumours, but with a grand confirmation, inciting hysterical reactions, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma got married. Despite the time passed, the reactions and excitement hasn’t yet subdued.


Every single detail of the marriage had been scrutinised and fretted upon; people all over the country are fawning over the Sabsyasachi attire and the ‘Virushka’ marriage is also the toast of social media with the jokes and memes.

But despite the perfection, here are some things we missed in the Marriage-



Seeing the women and men we see on the silver screen all dressed up in their best and together -its magical! Celebrity marriages are the best opportunities to catch our stars like this; one may point out award ceremonies also have this gathering but it lacks the beauty and grandeur of a marriage.

This is exactly what we missed in the Tuscany wedding… only stars present according to reports were Shahrukh And Aamir Khan.

CRICKETERS- The swag and The Dancing

Sportsmen are celebrated widely in all cultures. In India cricketers are much beyond sportsmen or celebrities, they are stars. And Indian cricket team is filled with men who know how to live life large.

From Harbhajan Singh to Yuvraj Singh to Sreesanth..we know they can give any movie star a run for their money in dancing. But we couldn’t see this swag and dance in the Indian Captain’s wedding.


We have numerous celebrity marriages which have lasted days or spent crores on a small detail. Vivek Oberon’s marriage invitation had collectors item Artworks while Saif Ali Khan and Kareen Kapoor’s marriage lasted 3 days!

The ‘Virushka’ Marriage took place in Tuscany, But still did not go over the top. Amidst the pictures and videos we can see a comparatively subtle wedding than what celebs are used to. Elegant would be the more appropriate word than grand.


Although the wedding was anticipated by the media, it’s relative secrecy didn’t allow it to remain in constant limelight and wasn’t covered step by step extensively by media.

Although as soon as it was revealed, this exact same reaction was given by the media ! But this did give everyone a nice , albeit expected, shock.


Although it is a regular practice amongst celebs to hold destination weddings, one can’t help wonder what they are missing; because if anyone knows how to get married, It’s the Indian people!

It would be stupid to deny the beauty and the elegant nature of a marriage in Italy but what is an Indian wedding without any of the numerous distinctive cultural styles if the country. Additionally one if the people getting married is a Punjabi…need we say more about what could have been!