42 Lesser Known Facts About Men Who Changed The World


Let’s have a look at some of the lesser known facts about men who made a huge impact with their thinking/talent/work.

Micahel Jackson


  1. You would be amazed to know Micahel Jackson is the most awarded artist of all times with 13 Grammy Awards to his name.
  2. Micahel Jackson had gone through 7 plastic surgeries which is a fact weirdly strange.
  3. Micahel Jackson was a vegetarian.
  4. Micahel Jackson supported 39 charities and at the same time, he was charged with sexual abuse of children many times.
  5. He could have died in the Twin Towers in the 9/11 incident if he had not missed his meeting that day.

Albert Einstien


  1. The famous scientist was a slow learner in his childhood but ended up giving the world the idea of the atom bomb.
  2. He considered himself as an antagonist and not an atheist.
  3. After Einstein died, his brain was stolen and kept in a jar for 20 long years.
  4. He was offered to be the President of Israel and he politely declined it while anyone else would have accepted the offer for power is the biggest richness one can have.
  5. All of his money won in the Noble Prize was given to his wife as alimony post his divorce.
  6. Einstien is known for his bad memory and he used to forget dates, names and phone numbers.
  7. His eyes have been safely kept in a box in New York.
  8. He failed his University entrance test yet became such a big scientist.
  9. The equation given by him, E= MC^2 is the world’s most famous equation.

Adolf Hitler

While many others are known to have initiated a fight against racism, Hitler is famous for having erased a complete race from the earth!

Here Are Some Facts About Him

  1. Adolf Hitler had just one testicle.
  2. Hitler was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1939.
  3. Adolf Hitler was afraid of cats and was a vegetarian.
  4. He was the Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year.
  5. Adolf Hitler led the first-ever anti-smoking campaign in modern history.
  6. Hitler was Henry Ford’s biggest inspiration.
  7. Before the infamous carnage of the Jews, he offered USA and England to take in Jews but they refused.

Charlie Chaplin

  1. Charlie Chaplin was the first man ever to appear in the Time Magazine.
  2. Chaplin refused American citizenship happily.
  3. Charlie Chaplin got married 4 times.
  4. Charlie Chaplin’s daughter once played the role of his mother in the movie Chaplin.
  5. He once won the third price in Chalie Chaplin look-alike contest which is the funniest thing ever.
  6. He has an asteroid named after him which is so cool!

Sachin Tendulkar

The little master has done a lot to the world of cricket and he still remains the most worshipped cricketer in India. Here are some cool facts about him.

  1. The legendary batsman of a world class stature went to the MRF pace academy to become a fast bowler but Dennis Lillee asked him to focus on just batting.
  2. He is named after the very famous music director Sachin Dev Burman.
  3. Sachin used to wear his left pad first and used to have the Indian Flag inside his Kitbag.
  4. Sachin Tendulkar still remembers his every dismissal and also the bowler who got rid of him.
  5. Little Master is ambidextrous.
  6.  Sachin is very passionate about collecting perfumes and watches.
  7. His first car was Maruti 800 and the rest is history.
  8. He once fielded for Pakistan in a practice match as a substitute fielder.
  9. He was India’s first cricketer to be nominated for the Rajya Sabha.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar was the first international batsman to be given out by the third umpire.

Abraham Lincoln

  1. Lincoln was the tallest ever President of The United States.
  2. Abraham Lincoln used to keep his secret important inside his hat and also created the secret service.
  3. Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler who lost just once in 300 games and was also a licensed bartender.
  4. Abraham Lincoln was the first ever US leader who thought that women shall be given the right to vote.
  5. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination much before it happened.