Net Worth Of These Engineers Will Make Every Engineer Happy And Sad At The Same Time


Engineers are everywhere. There are more engineering colleges in India than schools. Well, we are joking and engineers know how to laugh on themselves. We, at, keep making jokes and memes on engineers and the best part is that the guy who makes them is an engineer, and he calls himself ‘meme engineer’.

In this post, we have listed some of the richest people with engineering degrees. This list is so star-studded that if you are engineer, you will go and kiss your degree. You will click a selfie with it and post it on Facebook. You will surely post snapchat stories. And, who knows, you might share it on Instagram, too.


Check out the list here:

Leonid Mikhelson


The chairman of Novate has a degree in civil engineering. According to Forbes magazine, his current worth as $17.2 Billion i.e Rs 1,11,447 crores.

Vladimir Lisin

With a metallurgical engineering diploma, Vladimir Lisin has created a huge steel empire in Russia. His net worth is almost $17.2 Billion i.e Rs 1,11,447 crores at this moment.

Len Blavatnik

Len is a British-AMerican business tycoon with a computer engineering degree His new worth is around $19.8 Billion i.e. Rs 1,28,294 crores as per Forbes.

Mukesh Ambani

The riches man in India has a degree in Chemical engineering. His current wealth as per Forbes is $41.4 Billion i.e. Rs 2,68,550 crores.

Sergey Brin

Co-founder of Google and President of its parent company Alphabet, Brin’s net worth is $45.1 Billion i.e. Rs 2,92,225 crores.

Larry Page

Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet Inc ( The Parent company of Google). His net worth is $46.3 Billion i.e. Rs 3,00,000 crores.

David Koch

David Koch is a chemical engineer by profession and enjoys a fortune of $47.7 Billion. He is the executive vice president of Koch Industries.

Bernard Arnault

The Chairman and CEO of one of the most luxurious clothing brands in the world, Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault  has a wealth of $60.9 Billion i.e. Rs 3,94,601 crores.

Mark Zuckerberg

Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg. CEO and Founder of Facebook has a wealth of $71.3 Billion i.e. Rs 4,61,988 crores at this moment.

Bill Gates

The richest man in the world and CEO of Microsoft has assets worth $89.3 Billion i.e. Rs 5,78,619 crores.