The war of words between Salman Khan and ousted Bigg Boss contestant Zubair Khan just doesn’t seem to die down, with Salman adding more fuel to the fire on Saturday with his humorous cum insulting apology to Zubair.


Zubair had been seeking an apology from Salman ever since he publicly lambasted Zubair for his abusive behaviour in the house, calling him a “Kutta” and a “Nalla Don”. Salman even threatened to beat him up and said, “Tujhe kutta banake nahi chodha toh mera naam Salman Khan nahi”.

This public humiliation led to Zubair attempting suicide inside the house and landing in hospital. He was subsequently evicted from the Bigg Boss house, which didn’t go down well with Zubair and he later filed an FIR against Salman Khan and even made allegations of scripting against makers of the show.

He also sought an apology from Salman Khan and said, “I am not Vivek Oberoi. I have filed a complaint against Salman Khan. He likes humiliating everyone, specially contestants on Bigg Boss. I am not going to spare him, he has insulted me on national TV.”

He even accused Salman of faking charity for cleaning his image and said,”I have never interacted with Salman Khan. I just respect him. He does charity just to clean his image.” In fact, Zubair said that he will return to the house only when Salman will apologize to him.

On Saturday, Salman finally chose to issue an apology to Zubair but in his own very style. Taking an indirect dig at Zubair he said, “I apologize for my dog comment because this wouldn’t fair to other dogs”.

In fact, he again called Zubair Khan a dog and said , “Last week maine kutta bola tha.. Main wo comment ke liye maafi maangta hu… Main kutto se maafi maangta hu..

Salman’s apology will surely irk Zubair and it would be interesting to see how he responds. But at the end of the day, we all know, he is nothing in comparison to Salman and would get blown away in a matter of seconds.